Doing Your Breast At Work.

Libs, you'll love this.

My cousin recently had a baby.  A baby she decided to breast feed.  For at least 6 months. Which, as you can probably guess, meant she was going to have to use a breast pump and, eventually, pump at work.

While some may view this as tantamount to a few cigarette breaks per day, I think we can both agree that running to a place where you can pump privately, assembling the pump in record time, turning the crank up to high speed to maximize milk-to-time ratio while also, conveniently, maximizing breast damage, is not as relaxing as, say, a nicotine fix.

So, after her planned six months, she stopped.  And then texted me with this:

Dear Breast Pump,

Thank you for your continued service over the past 5 months.

Please return the skin from my nipples at your earliest convenience.



I'm still laughing.

No recipe post today, ma chere.  Just a shout out to all of us who are doing the best we can for our kids, even if it means rough calloused nipples.