WE'VE GOT MAIL!: Crispy Broccoli & Blue

A note from Nobody's Parfait:

Many of our closest friends are knowledgable foodies and incredible cooks.  And many have shared recipes with us over the years that have inspired us or gotten us through dinnertime disasters.  We thought it would be so wonderful to share their insight and recipes with others! So, we decided to start a regular guest blog, whereby friends and family are encouraged to write us and share a favorite, tried and true recipe.

Our first guest post is here!  It comes from Sarah Nicholson, a friend of ours from college.  Sarah is mother to a toddler, wife to an army attorney and an attorney herself - so her plate is full (pun intended). You can learn more about her adventures over on her blog, Are We Home Yet?, a beautiful tribute to her family and travels.  Meanwhile, enjoy a little taste of her life here!

Dear Sarah and Libby,

I apologize for asking you to turn on your oven.  I have been visiting family in Seattle where, until today, summer can be fairly temperate.  The day I decided to make this recipe we set a record of 93 degrees.  And, we Pacific Northwesterners don’t do air conditioning.  Thus, if you’re in the same boat, I am sorry.

But, if you can muster the energy to turn on your oven (to 450 degrees no less), this recipe is a winner.  I picked it for two reasons: first, my 18 month-old son adores broccoli.  Second, my mom gave me a lovely new cookbook and I was anxious to give it a spin.


As with most children, my son’s love for certain foods has come and gone.  Cheese?  Couldn’t get enough when he was one.  Now?  He spits it out.  Fruit?  The child won’t touch any fruit except banana and apple.  But, broccoli?  Since he was a baby, he has eagerly gobbled it up.  So, I perhaps rely on broccoli as a meal staple more than is wise.


Nevertheless, I was drawn to this recipe because it’s simple enough for my little guy’s tastes, but sophisticated enough for a dinner party.  Enjoy!

Crispy Broccoli & Blue

From The Forest Feast, by Erin Gleeson

·       Preheat oven to 450 degrees

·       Roast florets from 1 big head of broccoli drizzled with 2T olive oil until a bit crispy

·       Toss cooked broccoli with: toasted pine nuts and crumbled blue cheese (1/4 c or 30g each)

·       Serve sprinkled with olive oil and salt (warm or room temperature)