We go together like...


Being an adult can really suck sometimes.  Sure it's great that we get to own a home, have amazing kids, and make our own dentist appointments (yayyyyy), but being an adult also means we have to make like, real life adult decisions.  And we are definitely at the point in our lives where we see our dear friends make the decision to move home to be closer to family. 

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Blackberry Farm

Every year, Tygh and I watch the coming and going of blackberry season here in Seattle with a little bit of awe. Nearly everywhere you look - along freeways, backyards, park perimeters, shopping malls - there are these indigenous blackberry plants which, for a weeks every summer, offer up the most amazing, sweet, juicy blackberries.  And every year, while looking at $8 containers of the hard black nuggets you often find at the grocery, Tygh and I say how we are going to go pick those goddam things and, like, eat em all.  

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WE'VE GOT MAIL! Tricks of the Trade

Truth be told, I have spent my life surrounded by talented cooks - on both sides of my family!  You already know about one of my cousins, who cooks for a living!  But here is a letter from another, who, when not working full-time at her job in the outdoor industry, is my go-to for recipe porn.  We have even discussed starting a business around junk food delivery in Seattle; we just keep getting stuck in the eating part part of the R&D stage :). Read below to see how she gets creative when feeding the two men in her life - both of whom are happiest with meatballs and pizza - something a little more health-conscious. 

Hey Sar-Bear and Libby,

Now that I'm feeling human again, after 21 whirlwind months of first time motherhood, I've started reflecting a little on some of the pre-baby commentary from those who came before me.  One of the things people tell you is that having kids is tough. But what does that even mean? Tough like, physically challenging? Emotionally? Turns your world upside down?

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