So Summer Goes

Remember how, when you were a kid, summer was like this separate part of your life?  Like, there was the regular life of the school year, and then there was summer?  And it seemed to go on FOR-EH-VRRRR????

There is this huge part of me that still feels like that - or at least entitled to that.  Like, I should have been born in France and come July 14th, been allowed to vacate for 6 weeks every summer.  Congress would have been an alternative, I guess, but then you'd have to be in Congress.  What is it about summer that just makes me feel a little lighter on my feet, a little more inclined to ignore bedtimes and definitely more than happy to eat all manner of cold food?

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Byyyyee Bo bo!


The thing about September is that it is basically the calm before the storm:  The Holidays.  And while Seattle rain and Starbuck’s early roll out of the Pumpkin Spice Latte may be infringing on my ideas of summer slowly ooooozing into September, well, I’m not totally giving up.  I’m still making weekly batches of ice cream (we’ve been doing a whole slew of PB Chocolate variations), wearing my flip-flops to the store (rain puddles be damned) and diligently going to our farmer’s market every Thursday come rain or shine or kids (ok, in all honesty, not for summer produce, but for this KILLER brick oven pizza stand).

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Not So Farro Away

Montana maven,

This winter has been mild, but I am soooo ready for sunshine and warm days.    Yet, as I dash through the produce section at the store, with both kids shoved into the cart that has the plastic car on the front end (you know, the one that takes up the entire aisle and inspires looks of heartfelt pity from total strangers), it feels like springtime is still weeks away, even though the official first day of spring has come and gone. 

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A Side of Christmas

Hey there,

It’s almost Christmas.  I remember as a kid this being “the moooooost wonderful tiiiiiiiime of the yeeeeaaaarrr.”  I still feel that way, but, now, even more so because this will be the first year June is old enough to get it: Santa, reindeer, presents, etc.  We’ve been talking about the whole thing nonstop: what kind of cookies to make Santa (gingerbread men), what kind of treats to leave the reindeer (carrots) and what we are going to have for Christmas dessert (haven't quite decided yet).

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Farmer's Market Plunder

Hey you!

So glad it is almost Friday.  Actually, so glad it’s almost Thursday. That means farmer’s market day around here, which is what keeps us out of vegetable and fruit doldrums throughout the week and I get so excited just thinking about it.

Actually, that’s kind of a lie. The truth is, well, I have been meaning to ask you…do you ever feel kind of overwhelmed at these places?  Like, you see all this great stuff (who doesn’t love the sound of a lemon cucumber?) and you buy it with these lofty goals of going home and doing something fabulous and new only to realize a week later that those damn squash blossoms are rotting in the cheese drawer?

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What's Wrong with Kale?

Ma chere Sarah,

We’ve been friends for well over a decade, certainly the better part of our adult lives.  We’ve supported each other through boards (you) and college breakups (me), fad diets and fashion faux pas (just say it…usually me), we’ve toasted Christmas in Paris and Vienna, stood by at weddings, and coached one another through the messy yet magical world of early motherhood.

And yet, there’s one thing you’ve been withholding from me all this time – a secret that, no matter how many times I ask, you just won’t share...

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