A Wonderful Fruit

Admittedly, we eat a lot of beans in our house.  I’ve only posted a few bean recipes, but that’s because I have to spread ‘em out so you can ease into flatulence at your own pace.  However, I’ve got dozens of favorites – bean salads, bean soups, baked beans, roasted beans – and, in an effort to spare you one of my rhetorical anecdotes, I want to share with you one of them that is near and dear.

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So, Tygh and I have officially – and permanently – decided we are done having kids.  Two is it for us.  I maybe would have considered 3, but then likely he or she would have had to be raised by wolves, because Tygh and I are already stretched to the max for child-rearing time.

I was a little sniffly at first (how can this part of my life already be over?) but then I woke up from 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and thought, nah, good decision.

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Curry Up


I love coming home from work; the sound of the double doors closing behind me, driving home with my radio blasting, the anticipation of walking through the front door and seeing my littles.  And it always plays out in my mind how I’m going to rush in, give everyone kisses and then play with abandon until some well-rounded and delicious dinner miraculously appears on the table and I, with my glass of wine, will sit down and enjoy my family around the dinner table.

But it never materializes quite like that, does it?  No, no it doesn’t.  Instead, as soon as the front door opens and the first little kisses and hugs are given, all fucking hell breaks loose. 

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Not So Farro Away

Montana maven,

This winter has been mild, but I am soooo ready for sunshine and warm days.    Yet, as I dash through the produce section at the store, with both kids shoved into the cart that has the plastic car on the front end (you know, the one that takes up the entire aisle and inspires looks of heartfelt pity from total strangers), it feels like springtime is still weeks away, even though the official first day of spring has come and gone. 

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Mon amie!!

I’ve had this weekend off (thankfully!) and have used it wisely, “relaxing” with my little ones and trying to prepare for the week ahead.  I’d like to say I followed your footsteps and got all of my grocery shopping for the week done, meal plan in hand.  But, alas, I did not.  I did, however, get Harvey’s week all in order.

We have recently started him on solids (as you know yourself, the current recommendations have us feeding babes read food at 4 months!!) and have slowly been adding different foods each few days.   We did something similar with June, but truth be told, it didn’t go very smoothly.  And now, I know why.

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True Love: A tale of two granolas

Hi friend!!!

As you know, Tygh and I celebrated our tenth anniversary last week.  As in, 10 years of being married.  Ten years of “Pookey” and “Schnookums.”  Ten years of “Yes, dear ” and “Of course, my love.”  Essentially, ten years of perfect harmony and bliss.

Or, at least something very close.

Yes.  It was perfect. For awhile.  But then something important happened - something that changed everything.   Something that I feared would break us.

Last week, Tygh confessed to me that there was something he’d been thinking about for awhile.  Something he’d been dreaming about quietly, behind my back.  Something he’d even researched a bit when I wasn’t home.

In lieu of eating our usual, amazing, perfect morning granola – our granola quotidienne – the one we have been enjoying for years – Tygh had recently decided he was ready to try something new.  A different granola.  With different ingredients.  With…with…dare I say it?  With quinoa.


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