Shakshuka it Up

Tygh and I have often have weird work schedules.  From call hours to shift changes, our schedules are rarely 8-5pm.  Which means the 2-kid dinner rush is sometimes endured as a single parent.  

I can't complain too much because neither of us travels significantly for work or is gone more than a night or two per week, so we always more than manage.  But still, after a long day, getting through the witching hour alone is enough to make me want to pour bowls of cereal for everyone and call it good (I've only done that a few times, I swear).

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A Wonderful Fruit

Admittedly, we eat a lot of beans in our house.  I’ve only posted a few bean recipes, but that’s because I have to spread ‘em out so you can ease into flatulence at your own pace.  However, I’ve got dozens of favorites – bean salads, bean soups, baked beans, roasted beans – and, in an effort to spare you one of my rhetorical anecdotes, I want to share with you one of them that is near and dear.

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It's A Casserole, Sheila!

So, if I'm being honest, I'm not a big fan of spaghetti squash.  Mostly because I don't have a lot of respect for something trying to be something it's not, and, even then, not being very good at it.  Plus, like all squashes, its a fucking PAIN to prepare because you never know if you might lose a limb trying to cut into it.

But, in an effort to help one of my besties, I went to work on trying to find a way to make spaghetti squash edible, nay, pleasurable.   I was pretty pleased with my results, until I tried to come up with a name for it and quite frankly, I couldn't without lying to you about what it really is.  

And, I'm not going to lie to you.  

It's a casserole.

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Breakfast + Lunch: if only there was a word for that...

Dear Libs,

Ok.  It’s done. Fall is here.  Football is on.  Elastic pants are cleaned and ready for wear.  Here come the holidays. 

This time of year is so great because even when it’s not officially a holiday, people are in the mood to get together and celebrate. Football game? Sure!  Back to school!? Why not?  Haven’t seen you in awhile but we should all get together to gorge!? Fantastic!

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Byyyyee Bo bo!


The thing about September is that it is basically the calm before the storm:  The Holidays.  And while Seattle rain and Starbuck’s early roll out of the Pumpkin Spice Latte may be infringing on my ideas of summer slowly ooooozing into September, well, I’m not totally giving up.  I’m still making weekly batches of ice cream (we’ve been doing a whole slew of PB Chocolate variations), wearing my flip-flops to the store (rain puddles be damned) and diligently going to our farmer’s market every Thursday come rain or shine or kids (ok, in all honesty, not for summer produce, but for this KILLER brick oven pizza stand).

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Curry Up


I love coming home from work; the sound of the double doors closing behind me, driving home with my radio blasting, the anticipation of walking through the front door and seeing my littles.  And it always plays out in my mind how I’m going to rush in, give everyone kisses and then play with abandon until some well-rounded and delicious dinner miraculously appears on the table and I, with my glass of wine, will sit down and enjoy my family around the dinner table.

But it never materializes quite like that, does it?  No, no it doesn’t.  Instead, as soon as the front door opens and the first little kisses and hugs are given, all fucking hell breaks loose. 

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Not So Farro Away

Montana maven,

This winter has been mild, but I am soooo ready for sunshine and warm days.    Yet, as I dash through the produce section at the store, with both kids shoved into the cart that has the plastic car on the front end (you know, the one that takes up the entire aisle and inspires looks of heartfelt pity from total strangers), it feels like springtime is still weeks away, even though the official first day of spring has come and gone. 

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