Shakshuka it Up

Tygh and I have often have weird work schedules.  From call hours to shift changes, our schedules are rarely 8-5pm.  Which means the 2-kid dinner rush is sometimes endured as a single parent.  

I can't complain too much because neither of us travels significantly for work or is gone more than a night or two per week, so we always more than manage.  But still, after a long day, getting through the witching hour alone is enough to make me want to pour bowls of cereal for everyone and call it good (I've only done that a few times, I swear).

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Breakfast + Lunch: if only there was a word for that...

Dear Libs,

Ok.  It’s done. Fall is here.  Football is on.  Elastic pants are cleaned and ready for wear.  Here come the holidays. 

This time of year is so great because even when it’s not officially a holiday, people are in the mood to get together and celebrate. Football game? Sure!  Back to school!? Why not?  Haven’t seen you in awhile but we should all get together to gorge!? Fantastic!

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It's Going to be an Eggcelent Summer

Dearest Libby,

Summer is officially here in Seattle.  The sun is shining (finally!), the temperatures are hitting the 90s, and the kids are all out of school.  Its rainy and grey here so much during the year – people always want to know how we stand it. But I tell you: it’s for these next three months, during which Seattle is the most glorious city. 

With June out of school, the pressure is on as an involved parent to get her out of the house and into as many activities as possible.  Why is that?  I remember my early childhood summers being spent at home, riding my bike, playing with toys, eating homemade popsicles (my mom literally just froze juice in tupperware containters and we were too dumb to know the difference).  And I've read that a little boredom is good for kids - it forces them to develop their imagination. But now, if you don’t have your kid in music, art, and x-game training by the time they are walking, somehow, you are behind.   I am, of course, so very skeptical of it all, but not so much that I haven’t fallen victim to the pressure: hence, June’s Teeny Tennis Camp.

This is a “camp” filled with 3, 4 and 5 year olds who are “learning” to “play tennis.”  It’s a week long activity, with daily sessions that last 45 minutes.  Let me give you the list of reasons why this whole thing is ridiculous.

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Nonee’s Cujado: Kale Re-visited.

So, Libby, you are totally right.  I had a horrible experience with kale.  One, as you said, I will never divulge to you in detail, as I fear it would forever change your relationship with kale, as well. It probably didn’t help that when it happened, I was in the 6th week of my pregnancy with Harvey, experiencing the early pangs of nausea and resultant bad food associations. 

And, in kale’s defense, it was a “pre-cleaned,” pre-packaged container of kale.  The kale version of, say, gas station sushi.  Plus, it was raw, tossed into a salad I was loving at the time.  And, well, when I’m pregnant, I turn on almost all vegetables, favoring instead strange processed foods like Fruity Pebbles and salt and vinegar chips.

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