Immigrant Food

For a long time, I naively believed there was such a thing as "us" and "them."  Certain events (particularly, unfortunate ones) happen to certain people for certain reasons, but not to me for a variety of others.  What is it that allows us to think like that?  Perhaps nothing more than the evolutionary drive of self-preservation. But life's daily experiences, and a few large punctuating events, have taught me that there is no such thing.  Luck of birth, cosmic whim, whatever you want to call it - much of what we get in life, good or bad, is chance.  

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Ch ch ch changeeesss....

I heard an interview with a woman recently who was talking about some moderately difficult personal experiences and how she kept trying to get through them so that she could get back to her life.  And as time went by, and things evolved, it finally hit her: these experiences, these "unwanted intrusions" into her vie quotidienne, these WERE her life; that life is, in fact, the entire quilt weaving hard and easy, silly and sad, anxiety and contentedness into our collective experience.  Excluding one part as an aberrant event is to miss the whole crazy, inconsistent sine wave that life really is.

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Prune and Armagnac

I have never been a big booze-in-my-dessert fan.  Likely this reflects the vestiges of my college years, during which Jell-o vodka shots reigned supreme and none of us was drinking bourbon for the taste of it.  But, luckily, I have a husband who has made it his mission to help me get my drink on. He is a professional hobbyist at drink-mixing and wine-pairing and is always coming home from otherwise-related grocery runs with the words, "I found a bottle of this cool [insert libation here] we need to try..." trailing from his lips.

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We go together like...


Being an adult can really suck sometimes.  Sure it's great that we get to own a home, have amazing kids, and make our own dentist appointments (yayyyyy), but being an adult also means we have to make like, real life adult decisions.  And we are definitely at the point in our lives where we see our dear friends make the decision to move home to be closer to family. 

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Shakshuka it Up

Tygh and I have often have weird work schedules.  From call hours to shift changes, our schedules are rarely 8-5pm.  Which means the 2-kid dinner rush is sometimes endured as a single parent.  

I can't complain too much because neither of us travels significantly for work or is gone more than a night or two per week, so we always more than manage.  But still, after a long day, getting through the witching hour alone is enough to make me want to pour bowls of cereal for everyone and call it good (I've only done that a few times, I swear).

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Expert Parenting

 I've been reading all these parenting books lately.  As you know from past posts, things are not totally smooth on the parenting front and I'm struggling.  Struggling to figure out how to be a loving, calm parent when my Jewish instincts make me want to rant and rave for all sorts of non-emergent reasons. I am not a naturally very patient person (no doubt, a surprise to everyone) and Harvey is testing the absolute limits of my sanity.  Plus, June is needing a little more from her parents right now - it seems kids cycle through this, doesn't it? - where she is more emotional, friable, and easily frazzled (shit, have I done this??).

So, in my spare time, I've been devouring tips and tools - from every expert in the field to our next door neighbors.  Here is what I am learning:

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Heart and Sole

Over the 20-some years (for reals) Tygh and I have been together, he has gotten me some truly thoughtful gifts.  Some have been bigger, monumental items, while others have been little tokens he's found randomly that he knew I would like.  He is the definition of a great gift giver because he almost always chooses things I want, but wouldn't necessarily splurge on for myself. 

He's also not stupid.  Meaning, if he has a chance to buy me a gift he knows I will love, but from which he will also benefit, he goes all out.  Think: sports gear, dinner dates, nights away, bedroom, uh, decor, etc.

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